Some Movies That Are Real Tearjerkers

Sometimes, all you really want is a sad movie that’s going to make you feel sad and weepy. It’s the perfect complement to a rainy day where you are just looking to feel a little emotionally invested, so look around direct tv to help you figure out what you want to watch.

When you are looking for sad movies with a romantic twinge, take a moment to think about Titanic, the blockbuster from the nineties. No one’s really been able to top the terrifyingly realistic special effects yet, and you’ll find that the romantic and doomed main couple are well worth watching.

If you are looking for a real tear jerker, don’t forget to consider the older movies as well. A Farewell to Arms and Casablanca are fan favorites for a reason, and you never know when an old movie will introduce you to a star that you need to track down.

If you are looking for amazing tearjerker movies, make sure that you ask your friends. You don’t always know what is going to make cry, so look for something that hits close to home and is rather personal. Some people can get teary eyed at the last installment of Lord of the Rings, while other people find that the ending of the superhero movie Captain America really pushes their buttons.

There are all sorts of very sad movies out there, so think about the ones that can really get your waterworks going. These movies are usualy worth the search!

Films That Should Never Be Mentioned

Maybe a dozen screenwriters were all hired to rewrite the same doomed story. Could the problem be that the acting was as flat as the bottom of the garbage can that it belongs in?Whatever direction you choose to point the blame in, these films serve no purpose in any conversation whatsoever.

Leonard Part 6 (1987)

Bill Cosby is one of the most brilliant comedians ever. But unfortunately, this horrific acting/directing/screenwriting stain on his immaculate resume is one of the most hated movies of the 1980s. The Coca (more…)

The Highest Budget Films Ever Shot

Hollywood keeps its secrets close, and one of the best guarded secrets is that of the budget allotted for their biggest films. At one time, it was considered amazing to cross the 100 million mark, but these days that number is all but normal for any large summer blockbuster release. Currently, it isn’t out of the ordinary to see a film cost more than 200 million for particularly important “tent pole” movies that are released in the summer.

Because of the “creative accounting” (more…)

A Review Of The Best Foreign Films

A Review Of The Best Foreign Films

Over the past few decades there have been some incredibly powerful and magnificent foreign films. Let’s take a look over a few impressive films that have been a lasting impression in the cinema world. Oldboy by Park Chan-wook is a remarkably potent film. It’s a psychologically mesmerizing film that is both violent and beautiful at the same time. The cinematography and mise en scene are dynamic and rich (more…)

This Is What Makes 3D Movies A Geat Experience

3D is a major step up in movie realism. Movies filmed with 3D cameras – that is, two cameras filming simultaneously at just the right distance apart – can imitate the real world more than ever before. Characters are no longer flat, explosions can send fire and debris into the audience and the sky stretches out forever behind the film, making going to the movies more like going to a live action special effects show. What 3d has done to live action movies is similar to what 3D animation (more…)

The Funniest Movie Spoofs and Goofs

Looking for a good chuckle with tonight’s movie selection? Then select one of the best movie spoofs for your movie night. Not sure which one to watch? Here’s a rundown of the top 6.

1. Robin Hood: Men In Tights – Mel Brooks is a master in general, but Cary Elwes and Dave Chappelle make this movie what it is. If that isn’t enough add in Roger Rees and Patrick Stewart, you can’t turn (more…)

The “Must Haves” For Movie Collectors

If you are an avid collector of movies, I have made here a list of the best movies that you should have in your collection.

1. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou – This movie was released last 2005 and since then, it has become a favorite among many movie aficionados. If you are looking for a movie that has a combination of comedy, suspense, and everything else under the sun, this is the best movie that you should have in your collection.

2. Run Lola Run – This is a must have if you are a movie collector because it is (more…)

What’s out right now?

If you’ve watched all the great stuff on your Direct tv packages and you’re itching to get out to the theater you’re probably wondering what to see. Fall is a great time for movie lovers and here are your best bets out right now
Contagion – Starring, well, pretty much everyone, Contagion is the eerily realistic tale of what happens when a virus spreads. Don’t see it (more…)

Movies That Will Keep Your Children Entertained

No doubt, kids need entertained and when you are looking to spend some family time together a movie is about the best way to sit down, unwind and relax. Here are a few movies I’ve seen first-hand hold the attention of little ones, even as young as 3!

Tangled – Classic Rapunzel gets tossed out the window and replaced with a free-spirited, kidnapped princess and a gang of vikings.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – Shedder doesn’t seem to have lost his appeal as a bad guy, even after 20 years. (more…)

Top 5 Movies To Watch With The Family

Movies are a great way to bring the family together. Here is our 5 favorite family movies.

1. 101 Dalmatians- This is a classic that never goes out of style. Whether you love to watch part one or part two, the kids will love watching the spotted dogs and Cruella Deville.

2. Snow White- Snow White and the seven dwarfs is the perfect movie to watch on family night. Snow white and her little friends can help you escape to a magical place.

3. Shrek- This cartoon is sure to keep the (more…)